Seven Holbrook Academy students accepted into Mensa

Holbrook Academy was invited by Mensa to test their 10 best students across the age range for member

Holbrook Academy was invited by Mensa to test their 10 best students across the age range for membership, with seven being accepted, with three of the 10 tested in the top 1%. Membership is offered only to the top 2% IQ scores in the country. sydnee Nicholas, Luke shooter- page, Dylan Goddard, Harry, George baker, Harry Bailey, Henry barley, and Gracie Palmer

It is one of the most exclusive groups in the world – reserved for the brightest minds from a range of different backgrounds.

And a total of SEVEN pupils from Holbrook Academy have now been accepted in to the high IQ society Mensa.

The academy recently took up an invitation from the group, with its 10 best students across all age groups taking the test for membership.

The results came back yesterday and revealed that Sydnee Nicholas, Luke Shooter-Page, Dylan Goddard, George Baker, Harry Bailey, Henry Barley, and Gracie Palmer had joined the club, which is for those with IQs in the top 2%.

Headteacher at the academy, Dr Simon Letman, said: “This is quite phenomenal and is further evidence of what clever kids we have in our state schools in Suffolk.”

The test, which focused on a series of questions in an allotted time period, takes between an hour and an hour-and-a-half to complete.

Pupil George said: “It was very difficult, I didn’t think I would get it. I didn’t realise I was clever.”

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Fellow student, Luke, added: “I found it hard, I wasn’t expecting words – I was expecting more puzzles.”

Mensa was founded in 1946 by Roland Berrill, a barrister, and Dr Lance Ware, a scientist and lawyer. Its membership includes presenter Carol Vorderman and the 2007 winner of The Apprentice, Simon Ambrose.

The pupils said that, like others who have taken the IQ test, they could not revise for it as there is no way of knowing what kind of questions they would be given.

Dr Letman added: “I’m in awe of some of these kids – it’s just awesome.

“I wouldn’t say it was unexpected – it confirmed our views of how bright they are.

“As well as being intelligent they are incredibly rounded individuals. They have many stings to their bow, they’re not just clever kids.

“They are not sort of anoraks, they get involved in everything and their future is bright.

“I’m very proud of them.”