Sex and rubbish - fears for quiet hamlet

RESIDENTS today fear their small fishing hamlet has become a destination for late-night in-car sex sessions.

RESIDENTS today fear their small fishing hamlet has become a destination for late-night in-car sex sessions.

They have found evidence strewn around two places at Felixstowe Ferry and said the appalling mess and other litter being left behind is spoiling the hamlet.

It is thought people are going to the Ferry rather than finding places in Felixstowe for their illicit activities because it is dark, quiet and isolated.

Graham Martin, communications officer for the Ferry residents' association, said the area was being abused and the residents were being left to clear up.

He said drink cans, plastic food containers, bottles, cigarette packets and condoms have been found behind the Victoria Inn and next to St Nicholas Church.

He said: “This is an area of outstanding natural beauty and part of the heritage coast and yet outsiders are abusing it.

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“We are finding this rubbish more and more often and it is disgusting.

“We have held regular clean-ups to try and keep the place clean for those of us who live here and the many responsible visitors who come here to enjoy the Ferry. It is just a minority who are leaving this mess.”

Residents said there had been too much rubbish for one or two people to have left and it looked like several people in cars. They also said a lot of the rubbish was items not sold at the hamlet.

Mr Martin, of Harbour Villas, said: “Some of the rubbish is things like food containers and beer cans, and then there is rather nasty, unsavoury stuff like sanitary products and condoms.

“It's not the sort of stuff you want people to see, especially those turning up for church on a Sunday morning.”

The residents' association said it had fantastic support from Suffolk police and Suffolk Coastal District Council but there was little which could be done to prevent the nuisance.

It is trying by was appealing for people to respect the area and to stop littering.

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