Shotley: Some early Christmas cheer for cute kitten

SHOTLEY: Dumped by the side of one of the UK’s busiest motorways, this cuddly kitten had no hope of making it to Christmas.

But thanks to a kind-hearted engineer, the tiny bundle of fluff will now be enjoying VIP treatment with a Shotley family over the festive period.

Wendy Corness has been making room for the unexpected visitor after partner Mark Ratcliffe discovered the trembling wretch abandoned under a motorway bridge.

Now back to almost full health, the cute kitten, who is yet to be named, is making himself at home in Kirkton Close.

He was found shivering in a box, under a bridge at junction 11 of the M4, by Mr Ratcliffe, who works for road maintenance specialists Carnell.

The poor kitten’s first reaction was to give the 36-year-old a nip on the hand, but Mr Ratcliffe didn’t take it personally and wrapped his new friend in a high-visibility jacket before laying him in the back of his work van for the 140-mile journey home.

Mr Ratcliffe bought some milk from a service station, which the kitten eagerly lapped up before falling asleep for the rest of the trip.

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“I think someone had just thrown the box under the bridge,” said Mr Ratcliffe.

“The kitten was freezing cold when I found it and may have been there for days, but since coming back here it has perked up no end.”

Ms Corness, who has four children, is considering taking the kitten in as part of the family, which already includes two dogs and two cats.

“He was very shy to begin with and we wondered whether he was one of a litter that got left behind,” said the 44-year-old.

“Mark and his colleagues searched long and hard for any others and even went back the next day, but found nothing.

“We’ll have to see whether this one is in good health. We were due to see the vet on Friday, but he hid under a wardrobe.

“Now he’s not so shy, we’ve booked another appointment. He’s been given plenty of love and affection and is doing pretty well so far.”

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