Singing Safari takes Holywells Park audience on a tour of the world’s music

The Singing Safari perform in Holywells Park.

The Singing Safari perform in Holywells Park.

A group of 40 singers who had never met at the beginning of June came together in Holywells Park on Saturday to take their audience on a Singing Safari.

The annual musical performance gives ordinary people with a love of singing the chance to learn new songs and showcase them to a crowd in just six weeks.

Organised by Chris Rowbury, he said the title Singing Safari is used because the word choir puts some people off, but that he is “always amazed” by what the singers do.

“I just set them this task of learning eight songs in six sessions,” he explained. “It never ceases to surprise me.

“What’s great about it

The Singing Safari has now been running in Ipswich twice a year for six years.

The audience was taken on a musical tour of the globe as the singers performed tunes from Tanzania, the Czech Republic, Kenya, Macedonia, New Zealand and even a sea shanty.