Council welcomes changes to Sizewell C plans but says vital elements still lacking

How Sizewell C with its twin reactors could look alongside plants A and B on Suffolk's coast

Changes to plans for Sizewell C have been welcomed by Suffolk County Council - Credit: EDF Energy

Suffolk County Council has welcomed changes to the proposed plans for Sizewell C nuclear power station but says it still needs further information on some vital elements . 

The county council was responding on the final day of the latest consultation for the project. 

SCC said it was particularly pleased with EDF's move towards reducing the number of HGVs on Suffolk's roads and increasing the use of rail and marine freight deliveries during site construction.

However, it said that the proposals still lacked vital elements in detail and assessment; particularly in regards to the impact of the proposals on the coastline and potential night time disturbance to those living close to the railway line. 

The council said it was also pleased with proposed further mitigation for the loss of fen meadow habitat at Pakenham and improvement to the design of the SSSi crossing. 

It said that it was disappointed that EDF had not looked at other changes proposed by the council including removing pylons from the proposals, removing the outage car park from Goose Hill, and providing the Sizewell Link Road as a temporary road to be removed after Sizewell C construction.

Richard Rout, Suffolk County Council cabinet member for environment and public protection, said the benefits of the shared...

Richard Rout said the SCC was pleased with changes that had been made to the plans but there was still further to go - Credit: Suffolk County Council

Richard Rout, cabinet member for Environment and Public Protection at Suffolk County Council, said: “It is encouraging to see that EDF Energy has begun listening to the concerns raised by us and Suffolk’s communities.

“Recognising the need for further detail, the Council does welcome the principle of the changes proposed by EDF Energy, as they begin to address some of the concerns we have repeatedly raised.

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"However, we feel there still remains work to be done if the scheme is to be acceptable to us and our communities - not least in the area of further eliminating, minimising, mitigating, or compensating for the impact of the scheme on Suffolk’s unique natural environment.

“I believe it is essential that EDF Energy now fully pursues the development of these proposals to further improve aspects of their application and overall scheme. The Council will continue to work with EDF to aim to resolve any new issues raised, overcome challenges and find suitable mitigation measures to enable these changes.”

A spokesman for EDF said: "“We are pleased to note that Suffolk County Council welcomes the changes we put forward during this consultation. 

"We will continue to listen to the local community and work hard to ensure Sizewell C delivers a boost to jobs, skills and education whilst respecting the sensitive local environment around us.”

The TEAGS action group chairman Paul Collins

Paul Collins from Stop Sizewell C

Paul Collins from Stop Sizewell C said "We are glad Suffolk County Council still feels EDF's Sizewell C plans are not acceptable, and agree that reducing HGVs doesn't "fix" the project.

"We are struck by the uncertainty of EDF's rail and sea proposals, and the lack of contingency plans.

"If these ideas didn't work, or there were problems such as bad weather and engineering works, surely everything would be back on the roads?

"Plus there is the problem of 600 HGVs a day in the 'early years'.

"Inadequate coastal defences and habitat compensation plans just add to the reasons we remain as opposed to Sizewell C as ever."

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