Smoker taken to court after throwing dog-end from his car in Ipswich

Man in court over dropping cigarette butt

Man in court over dropping cigarette butt - Credit: Archant

A smoker is paying the price of littering today after ending up in court for flinging a dog-end out of his car onto an Ipswich road.

Craig Reilly was driving his Nissan Micra along Felixstowe Road when he was spotted discarding the cigarette butt by an Ipswich Borough Council enforcement officer.

As a result of ignoring three demands to pay a fixed penalty of £80 Reilly, of Westleton, Saxmundham, was taken to South East Suffolk Magistrates Court in a private prosecution brought by the borough council.

He was ordered to pay an £80 fine as well as £20 to the victims’ fund and £20 towards the costs of bringing the prosecution.

A spokesman for the borough council said it was left with no alternative other than to take Reilly to court after he failed to pay his fixed penalty despite reminders.

The incident occurred at 10.55am on March 12.

After Reilly was seen throwing the remains of his cigarette out of his vehicle a note was taken of his car registration and he was traced to his home address.

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The borough council spokesman said a fixed penalty notice was sent to Reilly’s cottage. When that failed to be paid a second letter was dispatched asking Reilly to pay up, which he failed to do. This prompted a final reminder, which the council said was also ignored.

Reilly pleaded guilty to an offence of depositing litter.

After the hearing the borough council spokesman said: “We try to keep the streets clean and only took court action after the defendant disregarded three chances to pay his fine. This was a clear offence and penalty notices should not be ignored.”

Reilly’s prosecution came only two weeks after Ipswich taxi driver Andrew Slinn was prosecuted after being caught smoking in his vehicle for the third time.

Slinn, of Swansea Avenue, Ipswich, now faces an anxious wait to see if the borough council revoke his Hackney Carriage licence.

Slinn had denied smoking in a smoke-free place but was convicted by Ipswich magistrates.

The 62-year-old was warned about the same offence in 2011 and then convicted of flouting the law for a second time in 2013.

He was seen smoking in his Vauxhall outside the entrance to Ipswich Hospital on February 5 by an employee from a neighbouring authority.

Slinn was ordered to pay fines and costs of £520.