Snow and sleet warning tonight

SNOW showers are whisking their way over Suffolk's skies tonight, bringing up to 4cm.

Russell Claydon

SNOW showers are whisking their way over skies in Suffolk and Essex tonight, bringing up to 4cm in some parts.

In Bury St Edmunds and Ipswich snow has already begun falling and it is expected to hit the whole of Suffolk and parts of Essex.

Emma Coombs, a forecaster at Weatherquest, said at 6.15pm: “Snow is fairly likely tonight. It is snowing here in Norwich at the moment and western parts of Suffolk, Bury St Edmunds way, are probably seeing some already.

“There is a chance of getting some accumulation on the ground - somewhere between 2-4 cms.

“I think as you go through the night there will be more precipitation to come but it will turn to sleet again later.

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“There should be a bit of a covering by tomorrow morning.”

She added: “It is moving southwards and will be another hour before Essex gets it.

“It will maybe not be quite as much there. There is a higher chance it will be a sleety, snowy mix. It is likely to fall more in western parts.”