Spa would be big enough to hold debate on superstores

The Spa Pavilion at Felixstowe.

The Spa Pavilion at Felixstowe. - Credit: Archant

When the decisions are made this autumn on the three proposals for superstores at Felixstowe, it is hoped community leaders will stage the meeting at the resort.

Their problem though at the moment is finding a venue big enough for the anticipated crowd who want to hear the councillors’ debate on Walton Green, Haven Exchange and Station Approach.

Surely the obvious choice is the boarded up Spa Pavilion, with seating for 900, which will be more than ample.

The debate could be categorised as entertainment of a sort.

The added bonus will be the lack of hindrance to the audience to hiss and boo – or even cheer – as the councillors vote and announce their verdicts.

? Funniest gaff during the Kate’s-in-labour coverage was supplied by BBC Royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell, who informed us confidently at 6.30pm that “this baby will not be born for some time yet”.

Poor Nicholas! The young prince was already two hours old and bonding with his parents in the building over his shoulder.

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? Should disability scooters be allowed on the pavements?

It’s been a hot topic of discussion among Felixstowe people on the social networking site this week.

Felixstowe, of course, seems to have a large number of these contraptions and opinion is very divided. I remember years ago Felixstowe Safety Committee labelling them “hell’s grannies” because of the speed some travel.

Last year we saw a driver crash into a child outside the Ipswich and Felixstowe Star office in Hamilton Road. The driver was unrepentant.

Last week we witnessed an incident of pavement rage as two of these mobilty scooters side by side came haring along the path – both driven by elderly people – only to find their way blocked by a family walking along. They put on their brakes, hooted their horns and tried to dodge round them. The family looked, smiled and just walked more slowly!

? Walking along the prom on balmy Monday evening, there were people enjoying barbecues on the beach, families having a nice cycle ride, others walking their dogs without leads, and a scattering sitting on the rock groynes reading.

Bit annoying, I guess, for whoever put up those hideous signs telling us that we could do none of these things to enjoy our seafront.

The signs are still a mystery.

Felixstowe Town Council didn’t know they were going up, none of the councillors had been informed or asked for their views, and Felixstowe Futures has no idea who put them there.

When it comes to power-mad district councils, it seems common courtesy isn’t extended even to those working locally for the good of their town and trying to regenerate it.