Sport centres could ban mobiles

MOBILE phones could be banned from Ipswich sports centres as concern mounts over the advance of new technology.New phone technology now allows state-of-the-art mobiles to take photographs.

MOBILE phones could be banned from Ipswich sports centres as concern mounts over the advance of new technology.

New state-of-the-art mobiles are now available that can take and send photographs.

And officials at sports centres fear perverts could use them to snap children at play in sports centres and swimming pools.

Crown Pools manager Colin Grogan confirmed talks were planned with Ipswich council to discuss the issue.

But no firm decision has been reached and Mr Grogan said it was unclear what the verdict would be.

He said: "We are going to look at how we can best deal with this issue in the most appropriate manner we can.

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"We will be talking to a number of different agencies as to how we can most realistically deal with it."

Camera-equipped mobile phones are able to send the pictures to other users by text message or even post snaps on the internet.

And concern over their potential misuse has led several councils around the country to bar their use in sports facilities.

Mr Grogan said: "It has to be manageable. It's no good if we can't enforce it and it's just as important to inform and educate customers.

"With mobile phones, some people like to carry them everywhere and some people don't – it's a matter of personal choice.

"But we do need to look at it in light of developments in mobile phones. It's sensible to be cautious and it's sensible to consider all the potential outcomes.

"We need to be as reasonable as we can.

"It's important that we reassure customers that the environment we provide for adults and children is safe."

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