Man posing as taxi driver tried to tempt students into car, school warns

St Alban's Catholic High School in Ipswich Picture: SIMON PARKER

St Alban's Catholic High School in Ipswich Picture: SIMON PARKER

A school has sent out a letter warning parents about man claiming to be a taxi driver asking students to get into his car on two separate occasions.

St Albans Catholic High School assistant headteacher Jason Horne sent out a letter on Friday, January 11 informing parents of the incidents and asking them to speak with their children so they are aware of the potential safety concerns.

He said a man driving a silver car had first tried to tempt a student into a vehicle on Monday, January 7.

Mr Horne said: “This apparent taxi did make contact with a year-seven student along Digby Road after school on Monday.

“We initially found out about it on Tuesday morning.

“We spoke to students about it and having invited the student involved to give some details.”

He also said the police had been contacted.

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Mr Horne said the students were told to be vigilant and extra staff were put on after school.

“Then on Thursday after school, we had another student approached - which we assume was the same car - at a bus stop in Woodbridge Road East,” he said.

“One of our students was stood on the pavement and a silver car pulled over, wound down the window and a man said: ‘I’m a taxi, your mum has called because your bus is late.’

“Because we had already alerted the students about the issue, that helped her realise this was not right so she ran off.”

The school found out about the latest incident on Friday, prompting a letter to be sent out.

Mr Horne said the purpose of the letter was to be transparent with parents, so they knew what had happened and could speak to their children.

The school also contacted other schools in the area to make them aware of the incidents.

The letter to parents, which has now been published on social media, said: “The police have been informed, and we have made the students aware through their tutors, via our staff briefing this morning.

“I am also contacting the schools locally, and all Suffolk schools both primary and secondary via the headteachers’ network.

“We will be increasing our staff on duty over the next week at the end of the day, and I would ask you to talk to your child/ren at home to reinforce the vigilance required in respect of this safeguarding matter.”