Star sets his sights on challenges ahead

IPSWICH: A tenacious teen is on the road to stardom with a message to other talented youngsters – Don’t Stop Believing.

Gifted Callum Friend has got it all – a great voice, some slick dance moves, and a fascinating story which has seen him reunited with his long lost-father in America after living in and out of care homes.

Callum has been singing and dancing since he was just three years old – and now he is still reeling with joy after starring in the hit Channel Five reality talent show Don’t Stop Believing.

He said: “It was such an amazing experience, it definitely opened a lot of doors for me.

“I think by being on the show, I saw what I could achieve in the future.”

Last year, he met the father he never knew existed – having grown up in Ipswich with only his mum and sister.

However, while on the hit TV show, Callum was also united with an estranged sister he never knew about who had lived just miles down the road in Hadleigh for many years.

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The star is also looking forward to other opportunities after making it through the first stage of the regional Open Mic UK competition.