Stowmarket: Meeting called as litter problem bugs town

A TOWN council is taking action to respond to complaints from residents about the growing issues of litter and anti-social behaviour at a recreation ground.

A public meeting, organised by Stowmarket Town Council, has been arranged for next week and people attending will be able to express their views on the “massive problem” of littering.

The play areas at the recreation ground, off Finborough Road, are currently undergoing a �200,000 revamp and a new skate park, ball park and children’s play area are part of the upgrade. But the new facilities, while popular, have continued to attract a significant number of litter louts who are ruining the area for others.

The meeting to discuss the problem takes place at Stowmarket Middle School next Thursday and anyone can attend.

Council clerk David Blackburn said: “Stowmarket Town Council has had a number of complaints from users of the recreation ground in recent weeks, mainly regarding excessive levels of litter on the park but also about other anti-social behaviour.

“The litter is a massive problem every year and the town council has decided to take action to tackle it. The meeting will take place on Thursday, May 19, at Stowmarket Middle School at 6.30pm.”

As well as the council, partners including the police and the town’s youth forum will be represented on the night.

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