Stowmarket: Noise is not from my nightclub, Carbon, claims owner after complaints are made

Councillors have said they have received emails complaining of noise late at night

Councillors have said they have received emails complaining of noise late at night

The owner of a new nightclub has dismissed claims the venue is too noisy after complaints were made.

Carbon Nightclub, in Stowmarket, only opened two months ago but already town councillors are being told of late-night noise.

Lesley Mayes, a town and district councillor, said she had received 19 emails about the problem, with other town councillors confirming they had also received similar communications. Mrs Mayes said noise had been reported at 3.30am.

Robert Perry, the club’s owner, scotched the reports and claimed the noise had nothing to do with his venue.

He said: “There’s no proof it’s coming from here and someone has been making a fuss over nothing and it does not help when a person has been delivering leaflets around saying let’s keep the town quiet.

“We are working closely with all residents at the two lots of flats near us and 100% none of them have a problem at all, that’s guaranteed. If any resident in the town has a problem then we would be happy to speak to them.”

Pc Barry Abbott has commented on the claims made at the town council meeting where Carbon, formerly the Excel nightclub, was discussed.

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He said: “There’s been a lot of discussion about noise and that particular venue but I do know that they have been discussing with Mid Suffolk the noise aspect.

“When looking at licence applications we go through it with a fine-tooth comb, look at CCTV and records of disorder.

“We have the utmost confidence with the licensing officer and on the Mid Suffolk side that they will have something in place that’s fit for purpose.”

Mr Perry confirmed discussions with Mid Suffolk District Council’s environmental health team were ongoing over an application for a new premises licence.

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