Street battle investigation continues

A MOB of up to ten people were involved in a street battle in Ipswich.

A MOB of up to ten people were involved in a street battle in Ipswich.

The drama began at around 6.30am on Thursday when residents in Kings Avenue were woken by the fight.

Some of those involved were armed with metal pipes and wood.

When officers arrived soon after, the group dispersed, with a number jumping into a white Vauxhall Vectra and speeding away.

The car made its way to Woodbridge Road where it was involved in a head-on smash with a VW Golf, near to the Case is Altered pub.

The driver of the Golf, a man, was seriously hurt and had to be cut from the vehicle before paramedics could take him to Ipswich Hospital. He is believed to have suffered serious back injuries.

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The driver of the Vectra, who sustained non-life threatening head injuries, was arrested at the scene before he was taken to hospital by ambulance under police guard.

A Kings Avenue resident who alerted police to the fight said he was woken by shouting in the street.

He said: “I looked out of the window and there was on chap on the floor whose head was being hit with bits of wood and pipe.

“I immediately called the police and when they arrived the men quickly left.

“This road is on the route home from pubs so we get a bit of noise and ruckus but not usually at 6.30 in the morning.”

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