Students bouncing their way to health

THEY'VE got more bounce that Tigger!When it comes to exercise, students at a Suffolk school are certainly not keeping their feet on the ground.

THEY'VE got more bounce that Tigger!

When it comes to exercise, students at a Suffolk school are certainly not keeping their feet on the ground.

The youngsters at Orwell High in Felixstowe have joined a revolutionary new fitness craze - it's put a spring in their step and they are bouncing their way to improved health.

At a time when obesity among the young is top of the health agenda, teachers are thrilled that the fun way to exercise has taken off and the pupils - and staff, who have their own aerobics workout with the boots - are really enjoying it.

The school in Maidstone Road has bought a number of pairs of the springy boots to use as part of its physical education programme.

Similar looking to ski-boots, but with a spring-like convex base, the Kangoos allow the wearer to jump to dizzying heights while performing various exercise routines including running and aerobics.

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The scientific principle of Kangoo boots is based on Rebound Exercise and studies made by NASA show it is one of the most efficient, effective and fun ways to improve fitness levels ever devised.

Jill Leckie, a PE instructor at Orwell High, believes the benefits are all too clear.

“The Kangoo system is a great incentive for the students to get fit because it's so much fun,” she said.

“The main benefit to this type of exercise is the low impact that it has on the joints on the body - as opposed to running.

“And there's also a particular focus on core strength which is great for abdominal muscle groups.”

Headteacher Peter Tomkins said he believed providing a fun way to improve students' fitness is the way forward to getting more of them to take up sport and exercise.

“Health and fitness are very important to all our students and this is an excellent and unique way to engage them in exercising.”

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FASTFACTS: Kangoo Boots

The boots have been around for about ten years and several scientific studies have been carried out into their benefits.

Benefits are said to include weight loss, increased energy, good for the spine, heart, posture and balance.

A study by NASA found rebound exercise was excellent exercise for senior citizens, physically handicapped, those recuperating from an accident or an injury, or anyone needing exercise but has physical problems.

Other studies have found use of the boots in running or aerobics reduce the impact on joints by up to 80 per cent and users burn off 20 per cent more calories.

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