Suffolk: Motorists urged to remain cautious in icy conditions

FREEZING temperatures are rapidly turning the melted snow into thick slabs of ice, leaving motorists facing treacherous conditions.

The blanket of snow which created picturesque scenes across Suffolk is still thawing out, leaving roads filled with freezing ice.

One motorist said: “The melting snow is now freezing and leaving thick ice on parts of the road.

“There is a metre of ice on the side of the roads. I would say there is now a danger alert on the A14.”

A spokeswoman for Suffolk police urged motorists to drive carefully and safety.

“The roads are slippery and icy and we do believe, from what the Met Office have said, that it will snow again tonight.

“We are asking people to remain extremely cautious and to be aware of the weather conditions. To use their lights and to drive a safe distance from other cars.”

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She said there have been no accidents on Suffolk roads this evening.

A spokesman for Suffolk County Council said gritting teams were out treating the county’s A and B roads from 6pm tonight.

A further treatment of “priority one roads” will be made at 2am followed followed by bus and commuter routs at 4.30am.

Footways in Suffolk’s larger town centres were treated by hand today.

Following a review of conditions tomorrow morning and if resources allow, footways on the main approaches into towns will be gritted.

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