‘Keep off the grass’ - Cannabis plants found growing in Ipswich park

Cannabis plants found growing in an Ipswich park Picture: IPSWICH WEST POLICE

Cannabis plants found growing in an Ipswich park Picture: IPSWICH WEST POLICE - Credit: IPSWICH WEST POLICE

A cannabis cultivator’s brazen attempts at “guerilla gardening” in an Ipswich park have been thwarted by police.

Suffolk police officers seized several well-developed cannabis plants, which had been planted in Bourne Park in the south west of the town this morning.

Posting a picture of the plants, Ipswich West Police’s Twitter account tweeted: “Somebody thought these would make interesting additions to the park’s plant life.”

The discovery was met with shock and surprise by community leaders in the town.

Nadia Cenci, who represents the Stoke Park ward at Ipswich Borough Council, said: “I can’t believe the sheer gall of whoever has done this.”

She said the park was a “lovely little park” which was popular with families, including her own grandchildren.

Although it had been free from serious problems recently, Ms Cenci said she hoped yesterday’s discovery was not part of a wider problem of “guerrilla gardening” in the town.

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“I would like to commend the police officers for identifying the plants and taking such speedy action,” she added.

“Well done to them.”

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