Motorists warned antisocial parking around Kesgrave parkrun will result in fines

Some of the problem parking in Kesgrave for the weekly parkrun. Picture: PCSO MIKE SARBUTTS

Some of the problem parking in Kesgrave for the weekly parkrun. Picture: PCSO MIKE SARBUTTS - Credit: Archant

Police in Kesgrave have warned motorists that irresponsible parking around the weekly parkrun will result in fines, after a string of recent problems.

The first Parkrun in Grange Farm, Kesgrave

The first Parkrun in Grange Farm, Kesgrave - Credit: Lucy Taylor

PCSO Mike Sarbutts from the Ipswich east safer neighbourhood team issued an advisory letter over obstructions from parking, in which motorists parking poorly were warned they could face a £30 fine.

The Saturday morning parkrun at the Millennium Sports Field has a limited amount of parking, meaning motorists often park in the surrounding roads; Millennium Way, Terry Gardens and Century Drive.

Pictures included with the letter had examples from last Saturday’s parkrun where several instances of unnecessary obstructions were found.

Now, officers have said that those continuing to park irresponsibly will be given a fine.

A spokesman said: “Officers on patrol will issue tickets if vehicles are causing an obstruction or are illegally parked.

“Those found to be obstructing pavements can affect the safety of both pedestrians and road users.

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“We would urge motorists to park considerately.”

Police said the issue caused difficulty for people who were blind and partially sighted when they crossed the road, as well as blocking the vision of motorists at some junctions.

The letter added: “Many drivers have also been parking on grass verges and this is damaging the grass.

“In addition, parking on verges often visually obstructs access to and from residents’ driveways.”

PCSO Sarbutts has issued advice in light of the recent problems, which includes parking further away from the event, driving slowly in roads where people will be crossing, arriving early to park in a legal and safe manner and making sure motorists do not park on grass verges, junctions, footpaths, cycle paths or dropped curbs.

It is understood that police and parkrun organisers will meet in due course to see what can be done.

A post from Kesgrave parkrun on Monday said: “We had a number of complaints about Saturday’s parking on the roads around the Millennium Field.

“We have been informed by the police that cars will be ticketed again this Saturday if anyone parks illegally, so please park sensibly as we don’t want any of our runners getting a fine.”