Suffolk's quake experiences

People across Suffolk felt the earthquake which shook parts of the UK.Victoria Clover, 37, who lives in The Street, Bramford, said: “All the bedroom furniture was shaking and rattling."

People across Suffolk felt the earthquake which shook parts of the UK - read on for their experiences.

Victoria Clover, 37, who lives in The Street, Bramford, said: “All the bedroom furniture was shaking and rattling. We could feel the bed move.

“At first we thought it might be someone breaking into the house. You can't believe that something could move your own home.”

Paul Valentine, of Canterbury Close, in the Stoke Park area, said: “It was quite unreal. I have never felt such a tremor before.

“My floor, the walls and my glass cabinet started to shake while I was sitting on the sofa.”

“My son thought I was making it up or that we even had a ghost here.”

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Paula Gooch, of Clapgate Lane, Ipswich, said: “My husband was woken up just before 1am with our bedroom door shaking.

“It was only for a few seconds, he wondered what was going - he must have felt the earthquake.”

Jennifer Hartley, 66, of Bransby Gardens, off Cemetery Road, said: “It seemed like the radiator was rattling like mad. I was so frightened. It hadn't just before 1am but we didn't know what it was.

“I just sat up and held on to the bed.”

Ipswich Town FC public relations director Terry Baxter, who lives with his wife Tracy in Kesgrave said: “It seemed like somebody was running up the stairs. It was a remarkable.”

Tom Potter, 25, of Melton, said: “I was woken up and I thought it was a car outside and somebody bounding around the house. I thought why is someone thrashing about the house?'

“I didn't think anything else of it but when I woke up and saw the news I realised what it was.

“I'm normally a very heavy sleeper so it was unusual. I'm also surprised that it was so far-reaching."

Deborah Swarts, of Bungay said: I was woken by the earthquake at 1am. The house shook and things in the room jiggled and rattled. It lasted only a few seconds, but was a peculiar sensation. I spent a few minutes wondering what on earth it was, and then began to wonder if it could have been an earthquake.

Chris Daynes of Felixstowe said: “My wife and I were both woken up in the early hours by the very strange sensation of the bed shaking. The mirror on the wall was rattling and it lasted a few seconds. I asked my wife if she had felt that? she had.

“I looked at my watch and it was 1am. I knew it must have been a tremor but it wasn't until I turned on the news early this morning that I realised how widespread the quake was felt.”

Malcolm Stiff, Ipswich said: “Both me and my son were woken at 1pm by our house (on Stoke Park) getting a significant shaking. It was more than just vibrations - the whole house seemed to wobble for about 5 seconds. Incredibly my wife and daughter slept through the incident.

My first thought was 'earthquake' and I lay awake for the next hour waiting for the next instalment or for the sound of emergency vehicle sirens.”

James Hamilton, Ipswich said: “I was watching TV at about 1am, and I felt the chair I was sitting on move 3 times.

“I thought at first that a plane had possibly flew over very low, but as there was no engine noise I quickly looked outside and could see nothing.

“It was only this morning when I heard the news that I has it was an earthquake.

“It was a very strange feeling at the time coupled with the fact that I was watching "Shaun of the Dead".

Steve Cochrane, Felixstowe said: “I felt the tremor at 0057 this morning. I was at the top of my house in the middle of Felixstowe when I began to feel the building shake, not violently but in a restrained, understated, East Anglian way.

“It seemed as though I was stationary and the house was moving around me; objects on the other side of the room became slightly blurred as they moved.

“There was a brief period of rest and then a second rather more pronounced period of shaking. There

was no noise.

“I went to check on the other members of my family and they were sound asleep. Outside the birds were enlivened as though it were daytime. Nobody else was about. Over twenty years ago a mine found at sea was exploded off Felixstowe beach. That was much more frightening because the house shook more, there was the noise of the explosion and the movement had a violent, not gentle beginning. “

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