Suffolk woman's television deal fame

JOANNE Curtis is today in the money after clinching a £31,000 deal - but she's no business mogul.

JOANNE Curtis is today in the money after clinching a £31,000 deal - but she's no business mogul.

This deal was instead the result of an appearance on one of the nation's hottest television shows.

The Sproughton teaching assistant walked away with her pockets full after taking part on the hit programme Deal or No Deal, fronted by legendary presenter Noel Edmonds.

The 27-year-old described her £31,000 win as the experience of a lifetime - and is now planning to splash the cash.

Miss Curtis had to overcome a lengthy auditioning process and interview before finally taking her place in the studio, where contestants have the chance to win up to £250,000.

The programme has become a favourite among teatime viewers and has led to the ratings of children's programmes on at the same time plummeting.

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Miss Curtis said: “When my number finally came up I was so excited - I was in total shock.

“Before the show, I hoped I would get to £20,000 but when you see people leave with a fiver or a tenner, you start to think that £10,000 would be a fantastic amount.

“I never dreamt I would get £31,000. It's been the best experience of my life.”

Miss Curtis was among the show's potential contestants 25 times before her number was called. During her wait, she was put up in a top of the range hotel in Bristol with the other contestants.

She said: “It's a fantastic atmosphere among the contestants because there is no competition. Everyone is really rooting for everyone else.”

The box in front of her contained £35,000, but she chose to take a deal before the final round when it was revealed.

Her first round on the Channel 4 programme went particularly badly, losing four of the highest prizes. But the game turned and the offer of £31,000 was the highest offered during the game - proving she chose to take a deal at the right time.

Miss Curtis also decided to get the audience involved in the show, inviting them to stand up if they thought she should take the money, while partner Matthew Eaton was also with her to offer advice.

She said: “It's up to the individual contestant if they ask the audience but I wanted their help.

“And Noel Edmunds was a real gentleman and a great guy. He is so professional - he has no script and comes up with everything he says during the game. He really interacts with all the contestants.”

Miss Curtis plans to spend some of the cash on home improvements and save some for an exotic holiday.


How the show works:

Twenty-two contestants each have a sealed numbered box, one of which is randomly selected before each game.

Each box contains a different cash prize, from 1pence to £250,000.

Contestants choose boxes to open and which ever cash prizes are revealed can no longer be won.

Between rounds, the mystery banker offers a cash sum, to which the contestant has to decide whether to deal or to not deal.

The show has only one question - deal or no deal?

Noel Edmonds began his broadcasting career in 1968 on Radio Luxembourg, before moving to Radio 1 a year later

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