Revealed: 396 supernatural sightings in Suffolk

Christchurch Mansion Picture: ANDY ABBOTT

Christchurch Mansion Picture: ANDY ABBOTT - Credit: Archant

Green-tinged children and a mystical piano make Suffolk one of the most haunted places in the country, it has been revealed.

England's most haunted regions in 2018. Picture: SELL HOUSE FAST UK

England's most haunted regions in 2018. Picture: SELL HOUSE FAST UK - Credit: Picture: SELL HOUSE FAST UK

Can you remember the legend of the Green Children of Woolpit? It is one of a series of haunted events which have helped put Suffolk on the map this Halloween.

A few miles east of Bury St Edmunds in the village of Woolpit, a curious incident occurred during the reign of King Stephen- where two green looking children appeared, as if by magic.

It is said that two reapers discovered the boy and girl, who spoke an unusual language and had green-tinged skin. The 12th century twilight characters have become legendary in and around the Suffolk village- and feature on the village sign, alongside a wolf.

Nearly 12,000 known cases of paranormal activity have been reported in the UK and 396 of these supernatural sightings have happened under our very noses in Suffolk, according to data by

A more recent sighting in 2010 occurred at Ipswich Crown Hotel on Felixstowe road, known as the staring woman. It was reported that a face of a woman looked down from a window and a piano had been heard playing by itself.

A similar scenario supposedly happened in a shop in Tower Ramparts two years later, when a member of staff reported several spooky occurrences. The employee claimed to see a little girl peering through the bars of a staircase, the image of a man in grey who would walk around (being mistaken for a customer), and boxes which fell off shelves without reason.

Dating back to the 1960s, a small child was spotted in a nightdress in a private building along Waterfront Road in Ipswich with the noises of footsteps and a mist with an unidentifiable smell reported moving from room to room.

Neighbouring Essex is even more haunted with 479 cases reported.

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