Survey states the obvious – and costs us all money to do so

Olympic gold medals - like those won by cycling star Laura Trott - helped makes us happier in the pa

Olympic gold medals - like those won by cycling star Laura Trott - helped makes us happier in the past year. - Credit: Archant

Do we really need a load of boffins working on an expensive survey once a year to tell us pretty much what we knew already?

I’m talking about the government’s so-called “happiness index” – compiled by the Office for National Statistics – which Prime Minister David Cameron said would cost £1million when he launched it three years ago.

According to the latest calculations, we are a little bit happier than last year.

People aged 45 to 54 were the most dissatisfied, while younger people rated their happiness above average and retired people were the most content age group.

I could have told Mr Cameron that and saved him £1m from the budget each year.

Of course the young are happier. They have energy, health, a lifetime ahead of them to fulfil their dreams, and all the excitement and freedom being young brings.

Retired people would be more content – they don’t have to get up for work every day, and can relax, mortgages paid off, and spend their time how they want. A lot of them – not all by any means – find this is the wealthiest part of their lives and they too have freedom to travel and enjoy life.

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In contrast, the 45s to 54s are most dissatisfied because they still have all the worries and cares of life – job uncertainty, pension fears, mortgages still to pay, children to support at university, weddings to fund, with their energy diminishing and old age looming.

Labour said Mr Cameron’s survey was “stating the obvious” (their phrase was actually ruder than that!) while the PM says it provides vital information to help the government plan services for the future (which I doubt very much).

Apparently part of the reason happiness increased was because of the success of the Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations – is he planning to provide more of those?

Still – thanks to the survey – at least we have the consolation of knowing us Brits are happier than the French, Germans and Italians.

? Recent roadworks outside the old Candlers store in Felixstowe have left a hefty speed hump in the new £80k road surface and the pavement flagstones paid for by the town council have not been put back.

I’m hoping the work is not finished yet and these two defects will be rectified – I expect the county council will be inspecting it soon.

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