Teen accused of burgling Ipswich home denies he had extra pair of socks stuffed in shoes to wear on hands to prevent leaving fingerprints

The victims lived in Park North, off Westerfield Road

The victims lived in Park North, off Westerfield Road - Credit: Sarah Lucy brown

An Ipswich teenager accused of being involved in a burglary at the home of an elderly Ipswich couple has denied he had an extra pair of socks stuffed inside his trainers to wear on his hands to avoid leaving fingerprints.

Giving evidence during his trial at Ipswich Crown Court the youth, who cannot be named because of his age, claimed he had used the extra socks to stop his trainers creasing.

The youth and 20-year-old Matthew Drain, of Richmond Road, Ipswich, have denied burglary at a ground floor flat in Park North, near Westerfield Road, Ipswich in the early hours of August 4 last year.

Drain has also denied two offences of handling stolen goods and an offence of theft.

The court has heard a third defendant has admitted his part in the burglary.

Lindsay Cox, prosecuting, told the court the owners of the Park North flat were in bed when two burglars entered their bedroom in the early hours of the morning.

The elderly female occupant asked the men what they were doing and told them they had no right to be in her home.

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The men had left the bedroom and the couple called the police.

They then discovered the back door to their flat was wide open and noticed two handbags which had been at the side of their bed were missing.

Some jewellery boxes had been taken from shelving in their bedroom and a briefcase had been taken from another room.

Police officers who attended the area saw three men and allegedly overheard one of them say something about jumping over a fence.

The men were stopped by the officers and it was noticed that two of them were sweating heavily, said Mr Cox.

Giving evidence, the 17-year-old youth denied being involved in the burglary.

He said he had been walking home on the night in question when he saw Drain and another man and had “tagged along” with them.

As they were walking along the road they saw a police car and shortly afterwards they were stopped by police officers.

The youth denied hearing Drain or the other man say anything about jumping over a fence or being involved in a burglary.

Cross-examined by Mr Cox the youth denied he had an extra pair of socks in his trainers to put on his hands during the burglary to avoid leaving finger prints.

Drain chose not to give evidence during the trial which continues today.

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