Teen threatened to stab police officers

A KNIFE-carrying teen who erupted into an uncontrollable rage on a train, threatening to stab police officers and rape schoolgirls, has narrowly avoided being sent to jail.

A KNIFE-carrying teen who erupted into an uncontrollable rage on a train, threatening to stab police officers and rape schoolgirls, has narrowly avoided being sent to jail.

Aggressive heroin user Johnathon Warne launched a tirade of foul language and horrifying threats at British Transport Police as they tried to protect passengers on a Felixstowe-bound train.

The 19-year-old appeared at South East Suffolk Magistrates' Court with the threat of jail hanging over him after experienced officers described his vile behaviour as some of the worst they have seen.

But after pleading guilty to using threatening and abusive language, possessing a lock knife and three counts of assaulting police officers at a previous hearing, magistrates gave Warne, of Gippeswyk Road, Ipswich, a chance to kick his drug habit by suspending his prison sentence.

The court heard that on January 30 Warne caught a 'one' railway train from Ipswich railway station to the town's Derby Road station. En route a ticket inspector asked to see his ticket but he did not have one and instead began a frightening verbal attack.

Gareth Davies, prosecuting, said: “The defendant's language was utterly disgusting.”

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British Transport Police were called after Warne refused to leave the train at the next station, Westerfield, and veteran sergeant Bob Munn and Pc Sue Lissimore arrived to assist with his removal. However Warne locked himself in a toilet and intensified his threats.

Mr Davies said: “He made threats that he had a knife and that he would stab the officer (Sgt Munn) in the face.

“He said 'you're going to die. I'm going to follow you home and stab you and all of your family.'”

He also repeatedly called Pc Lissimore a “blonde slag”. An earlier hearing heard that Warne, who had the lock knife in his pocket, also threatened to rape schoolgirls.

In the struggle to control him, Sgt Munn was hit below his left eye while Pc Lissimore was kicked in the thigh.

After being detained, Warne was taken to Ipswich police station, where his tirade continued and he spat at Pc Paul Cocksedge and hit him “full in the face”, according to Mr Davies.

Sentencing Warne, magistrate Anne Walker said: “We consider that these are extremely serious offences which would justify an immediate custodial sentence.

“This was a violent and prolonged offence. Your threats to stab individuals were aggravated by the fact you had a knife on you.”

Warne's suspended sentence included a nine-month drug rehabilitation order. He was also ordered to pay £100 compensation to each of the three officers and costs of £55.

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JOHNATHON Warne broke down in tears in court as the details of his horrifying attack on three police officers were laid out before magistrates.

Dressed in a grey hooded top and black overcoat, the drug-using teenager was visibly upset by his own behaviour.

His solicitor, Claire Hullock, told South East Suffolk Magistrates' Court that Warne was deeply remorseful for his actions.

She said: “He said to me he couldn't believe he had said those things.

“He said this has been a most terrible shock to him and his mother.”

Ms Hullock said that before the violent outburst Warne had been contacted by his father, who he had not seen for some time, and this had caused an emotional meltdown.

She said: “Just before this incident his father contacted him and wanted to meet him. He was very emotionally upset at the thought of meeting his father.”

She added: “He has been smoking heroin for some time. He had taken some heroin and drunk some alcohol. Clearly it had a devastating effect on him.

“He feels he must have gone a bit mad because he can't believe he did those things.”