Teenager fined for attacking girlfriend

A TEENAGER is today poorer after he was forced to pay a fine for assaulting his girlfriend.

A TEENAGER is today poorer after he was forced to pay a fine for assaulting his girlfriend.

Camillo Douglas, 19, of Bond Street, was seen on CCTV pulling his girlfriend to the ground in Upper Orwell Street at 4.45am on February 22.

At South East Suffolk Magistrates' Court on Wednesday, he pleaded guilty to assault by beating.

The pair, who had been dating each other on and off for six weeks at the time, had left Fire and Ice nightclub in Tacket Street and had an argument on the way to the cab office.

A couple of members of the public tried to intervene and eventually the pair left together.

Andrea Reynolds, prosecuting, said: “He was seen to pull her to the ground. The female got up and he pulled her to the ground again.”

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After getting arrested, he told police in interview that she had scratched him. He said they were both drunk, although she was more drunk, and because she kept walking off, he admitted he became aggressive.

Mark Holt, mitigating on his behalf, said: “He saw her outside the club and she was more drunk than him. He took the decision to see her home ok and they went to get a taxi together but she was slowing down and messing about. His frustrations got the better of him. He is not typically violent.”

Magistrates fined him �50, ordered him to pay �60 in costs and �15 victim surcharge.

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