Teens jailed for violent attack

TWO teenagers are today behind bars after they were convicted of bursting into a house and attacking a couple.

TWO teenagers are today behind bars after they were convicted of bursting into a house and attacking a couple.

Aaron Daley and James Dore, both of no fixed address, were sent to a young offenders' institute for their part in a “violent” attack on two people in Ipswich on May 27.

Ipswich Crown Court heard how Daley, 19, believed there had been an arrangement to see his seven-day-old daughter but when this broke down he embarked on a mission to find her.

Daley visited Jason Claydon, the brother of his former partner's new boyfriend, who was babysitting a 15-month-old child with his girlfriend in Tomline Road.

The court heard how Daley and Dore, also 19, kicked down the door of the house and ran upstairs.

When Mr Claydon told Daley that the child in the house was not his, Daley threatened him, saying that he would kidnap the child and slit her throat if he did not get his own baby back.

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The pair then left the premises but when Mr Claydon followed them outside to find out what the incident was about, Dore punched him in the face.

During the trial it emerged that Dore said he felt he had been “disrespected”. The attack left Mr Claydon with a broken cheekbone and he needed intensive reconstruction surgery to correct it.

Judge John Holt said: “It is the miracle of modern surgery that he recovered.”

Daley then grabbed Mr Claydon's girlfriend by the hair, swung her over then fence and pushed her to the floor.

Speaking to Daley, Judge Holt, added: “You were the instigator of this episode of violence but also you joined in the violence at the end.”

Representing Dore, Roger Thomson said: “It was a single punch and he did not intend the consequences of that punch.”

In a letter written by Dore, which was read to the court by Mr Thomson, he said that he accepted full responsibility for his actions and added that he had brought a “great deal of shame” on both he and his parents.

Representing Daley, Steven Dyble, said: “They (Daley and his ex-partner) have both achieved an understanding about the future of their child.

“In relation to this incident he believed an arrangement had been made to see his child but the arrangement broke down, so he was upset.”

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Daley pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary and affray and was sentenced to 18 months in a young offenders' institute. D

ore pleaded not guilty to GBH with intent as he denied claims he used a knuckleduster. He was cleared of this charge by a jury but was found guilty of GBH.

He was sentenced to two years and three months.

They will both serve half the time and the remaining sentence will be suspended.

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