Tell us: Hundreds of readers have told us what needs to improve in Ipswich - Have your say

Ipswich Have your Say, Dovile Eidintaite. Photograph Simon Parker

Ipswich Have your Say, Dovile Eidintaite. Photograph Simon Parker - Credit: Archant

Hundreds of readers have responded to the ‘Have Your Say’ survey which aims to find out what YOU really think of Ipswich.

Ipswich Have your Say, Derrick Southgate. Photograph Simon Parker

Ipswich Have your Say, Derrick Southgate. Photograph Simon Parker - Credit: Archant

What’s good? What’s bad? What needs improving? This is your chance to tell us your opinion of our town – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Since the launch yesterday, readers have answered our questionnaire online and by post. The questionnaire asks for your views on a broad range of topics, from education, transport, shopping, employment, housing and health.

At this early stage, it’s clear what issues concern you the most. Eight out of ten readers believe that traffic flow in Ipswich has got worse in the last year, with nearly 80% saying it is quite or very difficult to travel around the town by car. Immigration and unemployment is also a concern with residents.

Our town parks are rated highly, with 80% rating them as good or excellent.

Ipswich Have your Say, Jay Ryan. Photograph Simon Parker

Ipswich Have your Say, Jay Ryan. Photograph Simon Parker - Credit: Archant

The survey, which has a total of 27 questions, will be printed every day this week. When we have all your answers, we will send them to the people who make the big decisions about our town.

Shoppers in Ipswich town centre yesterday joined the debate.

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Steve How, 62, regularly travels to Ipswich from Eye by bus to claim his Job Seeker’s Allowance and said he was pleased with his experience of the quality of care given at Ipswich Hospital.

“My mum was looked after there seven years ago and they were excellent, absolutely terrific. I’ve never heard anyone give a bad report”, he said.

Derrick Southgate, who grew up in Ipswich and moved to Stanningfield near Bury St Edmunds 15 years ago, said travel was an issue in the town.

“I have a car but I find it easier to travel by bus because the traffic congestion is so bad”, he said.

One shopper, an 87-year-old resident of Woodpecker Road, Ipswich, who has lived in the town for 58 years, added: “I would like to see more shelters for the bus stops in the Chantry area this year because there is nothing to protect people when it is windy and raining.”

Jay Ryan, 55, of Sproughton Road, Ipswich said work could be done to make Ipswich feel like a safer place because she often felt intimidated when out alone at night.

She added: “I find it a very dirty place to live, there’s a lot of litter, that’s something that could definitely be improved.”

A 64-year-old woman of Ipswich, who asked to not be named, said: “I don’t often come into town, there’s not much here, not for my age group.”

She said travelling by car around Ipswich had definitely got worse and more hectic, especially around London Road where The Range and Dunelm Mill shops are.

“You can’t get in or out of the place, it just puts you off going there”, she said.

Dovile Eidintaite, 23, of Bramford Road, said the town would benefit from more events aimed at younger people.

She said: “I’d like to see more things going on in the parks and more music events.”

To fill in the survey visit or join us on Twitter by adding #IpswichSurvey to your tweets.

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