Tesco fails to attract support

IPSWICH: An Evening Star webpoll about the new Tesco store to be built on Grafton Way shows the vast majority of respondents were opposed to it.

The poll showed that 86 per cent of people who took part in it were opposed to the development while only 14pc supported it.

It was entirely unscientific and those opposed to the development were probably more likely to vote – but it does show a very high level of opposition.

The poll backs up the opposition of Ipswich Central which opposed the new �70 million development – fearing it would put pressure on existing town centre shops and make it impossible to find tenants for proposed new developments at the Westgate Centre and the Mint Quarter.

Ipswich Central’s opposition to the new development has been led by William Coe, boss of the Norwich Road clothing store, who said: “I am not surprised at the result.”

The store was given the final go-ahead last week when the Government Office of the Eastern Region (Go-East) said it would not be calling in Ipswich council’s approval for the development granted last month.

That means the company only has to agree details with the county council and Environment Agency over road access and protecting the River Orwell.

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Nick Gellatly from Tesco said: “I understand that change can cause concern and I am sure that is reflected in this poll.

“Many people in Ipswich – even those who oppose our exciting plans – will agree that the regeneration of this key site will play an important part in the recovery.

“New homes, new hotels, new jobs and a new store bring with them new hope and new opportunity to many local people.

“I am sure that those who oppose these proposals will, in time, look back and realise that they were mistaken.”

Work on the new development is expected to start at the end of the summer and the new store is due to be open by Christmas 2011.

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