Tesco’s great news now get on with it!

NEWS that Tesco has re-thought its plans for the new store in Grafton Way seem entirely sensible and have received a wide welcome around the town.

With so many flats waiting to be finished on the Waterfront, the idea of building another 129 as part of a major development at Grafton Way always looked over-ambitious.

And by reducing the size of the store – and building a food shop rather than a superstore – most of the fears of town centre retailers are swept away.

But I do hope that the requirement for a new planning permission will not slow down the construction too much further.

It is well over two years since the original planning permission was granted – and that decision only came after years of haggling.

I know Tesco is not doing anywhere near as well as it was before the recession hit, but this is a site that desperately needs redevelopment.

The company says it could be able to start site clearence on the old planning permission before the new application is determined – and it would be a major shock if it is rejected by borough planners at this stage.

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I hope they stay good to that promise – Waitrose have shown that if there is a will to get a store built you can get things going.

Tesco should take a leaf out of their book.

And one issue that still needs to be addressed is the traffic – it is still vital that new traffic arrangements are made around the Novotel roundabout as part of the development.

Everything should be done to encourage Tesco to get on with the development.

But the company must be under no illusion that its commitment to fund traffic improvements is non-negotiable and must play a key role in its arrival as a major town centre retailer providing a link between the heart of Ipswich and the Waterfront.

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