Thanks for the memories, Jambo and Kito

AN elephant never forgets, and we won't either.Since Kito and Jambo were born at Colchester Zoo thousands of adoring visitors have enjoyed watching them play, eat and grow.

AN elephant never forgets, and we won't either.

Since Kito and Jambo were born at Colchester Zoo thousands of adoring visitors have enjoyed watching them play, eat and grow.

And The Evening Star has followed their progress closely too, reporting on their development and training.

But now the duo are off to pastures new to take part a European breeding programme.

So from early next year five-year-old Kito and Jambo, who will turn four in March, will be in Valencia in Spain.

Zoological Director of Colchester Zoo, Anthony Tropeano, said: “Perhaps one of the greatest memories for me at the zoo is the birth of Kito, the first elephant calf born at the zoo.

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“It will live with us for all of our lives for the people who were there. So he has always been very special.

“Both of them are cheeky, cheerful chappies. We have watched them develop through the 'terrible twos' to getting bigger and more sure of themselves. It has been really wonderful.

“Both of them have quite distinctive personalities.

“I think the public are going to miss them greatly but they are two young adults and they are going to challenge their father unless they go.

“In the wild elephants tend to leave the heard at five or six years so although it is sad to see them go it is the best thing for them.”

Last August Kito suffered the fate of many youngsters - a visit from the dentist!

When you're an elephant and need treatment to your tusks the equipment can be fairly fearsome - Kito's needed a team of experts to deal with his temperamental tusk.

Both Jambo and Kito are the sons of Tembo, the elephant the Evening Star helped to bring to Colchester Zoo by sponsoring his arrival.

Jambo's mum and Kito's aunt, Rosa, died in November.

But although the zoo will be sad to lose the majestic animals it is soon expecting some good news with the birth of a baby elephant due at the end of January.

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Kito and Jambo

Kito was born in December 2002, Jambo in March 2004

They were both fathered by Tembo while Kito's mum is Tanya and Jambo's was Rosa

Kito was the first elephant in the world to be born as a result of artificial insemination.

Jambo doesn't like chocolate

SOURCE: Colchester Zoo

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