These are the routes you should avoid around Ipswich to steer clear of the Orwell Bridge traffic disruption

Traffic chaos on Colchester Road in Ipswich due to the closure of the Orwell Bridge.

Traffic chaos on Colchester Road in Ipswich due to the closure of the Orwell Bridge. - Credit: sarah lucy brown

With the Orwell Bridge only just reopened after being closed because of high winds the travel problems in and around Ipswich continue.

Here’s a list of roads you should avoid right now if you want to try and steer clear of the resultant heavy traffic.

A14 eastbound: There is queuing traffic on this carriageway starting just before the Whitehouse junction and running all the way to the Copdock Interchange, with only a few patches of slowly moving traffic

Southern section of A12 northbound: This carriageway, heading towards Ipswich, has got queuing traffic from shortly after the East Bergholt turning right up to the Copdock Interchange.

A1214: Pretty much a no go area for most of it’s length. There is queuing traffic onto and off the A14 at the Copdock Interchange. There is some queuing traffic in the area around One college, then slow moving traffic on the northbound side from the A1071 junction all the way to Handford Road. Yarmouth Road has slow moving traffic between Handford Road and Norwich Road. There is also slow moving traffic between Norwich Road and Westerfield Road, while the portion between Rushmere Road and the Ipswich Hospital roundabout is the same.

Crown Street: This has slow moving traffic from the Civic Drive roundabout through to Major’s Corner, in both directions.

Star Lane: Traffic is queuing from the Novotel roundabout as far as Slade Street and then moving slowly towards Bond Street.

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A137, Wherstead Road, Vernon Street: This route from the A14 junction has slow moving traffic on the northbound/inbound side along its length, with queueing around the Stoke Bridge area.

Burrell Road: This has slow moving traffic from the Stoke Bridge roundabout towards the railway station, and some traffic in the other direction at the station as well.

Fore Hamlet and Felixstowe Road: There is queuing traffic for motorists travelling into town from the Bucklesham Road roundabout, next to St Augustine’s church, to the junction with Nacton Road. ForeHamlet has slow moving traffic inbound from that area up to the University of Suffolk. At the other end of Felixstowe Road there is heavy traffic from the A14 westbound junction with the A12, past the Trinity Park showground and as far as the Warren Heath roundabout.

Derby Road: There is some slow traffic at the southern end where it joins Felixstowe Road.

A1071: This is queuing from Hurdle Makers Hill, over the A14 and up to the traffic lights at the A1214 junction.

Civic Drive and Grey Friars Road: Traffic is moving slowly from the Handford Road roundabout by the New Wolsey Theatre southbound all the way to the Novotel roundabout.

Grafton Way: This is queuing from the Princes Street junction towards Cardinal Park and then continuing to the roundabouts by Stoke Bridge and the Novotel.