Three now held over armed robberies at Ipswich stores

Three Penny Convenience Store in Bridge Street, Ipswich.

Three Penny Convenience Store in Bridge Street, Ipswich. - Credit: Archant

Two men and a woman have been arrested today in connection with knifepoint robberies at two Ipswich stores and another raid on a third shop

A man and a women suspected to have been involved in cash snatches at Three Penny Covenience Store in Bridge Street where a shop manager was held up at knifepoint and Stoke Off-Licence in Austin Street were arrested early today.

The robberies occcurred at around 10.30pm on Sunday at the Three Penny Story and on Saturday at 5.35pm at the other shop which is only 200 metres away.

A second man was arrested later this morning in relation an unconnectied armed raid in which a knife was used at Premier Off Licence in Garrick Way at around 7pm yesterday. It left the shop worker with minor injuries to his back.

Confirmed the first two arrests Timothy Cracknell, a Suffolk Constabulary spokesman, said: “This morning police have arrested a 29-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman – both from Ipswich – on suspicion of robbery in connection with these crimes.

“They have been taken to Martlesham Police Investigation Centre where they will be questioned by detectives.

“Any witnesses, or anyone with information regarding either of these crimes, is asked to contact Southern Area CID at Landmark House on 101 quoting reference 63346/16, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”

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Subsequently police said a 25-year-old man from Ipswich was arrested on suspicion of robbery for the Garrick Way raid. He was also taken to Martlesham Police Investigation Centre.

The manager of the Three Penny Convenience Store has told how he had a six-inch knife pushed against him as he tried to stop the raider grabbing money from the till on Sunday.

The man, who asked not to be named, said: “He came in and wanted to buy some cigarettes. When I turned around to show him he put the knife up. I didn’t see it because I had turned my back to him.”

“When I turned back he had put the knife down because my till wasn’t open.

“Then when I took money I opened the till and went to give him his change he put the knife up.”

“His hands were in the till. I tried to close it but I couldn’t. He put the knife against me so I stepped away.

“I had lots of £20s and £10s, so I tried to close it again.

“There were stacks of money and he couldn’t hold everything. That’s why he dropped the knife.

“I felt calm. I wasn’t scared but I regret I wasn’t able to do anything. I tried my best but I was helpless.

The robber fled towards Vernon Street, leaving the knife behind the counter.

The manager said: “I get my wages on a Sunday at the end of the month and that was my wages.”

The suspect is described as being stocky and wore a green jacket with the hood up, and either a green baseball cap underneath or a peak to the hood.

On Saturday a woman and a man went into Stoke Off Licence at 5.35pm. The man remained in the doorway and tried to hide his face while the woman looked around the shop to see who was there.

Ozgur Durmaz, the owner, said: “He came up to the lady (assistant) and pushed her to get to her open the till.

“She tried to push him and told him not to do it.”

The drawer of the till fell on the floor. The robber grabbed the money and ran out of the shop.

Mr Durmaz said his assistant was scared to come in yesterday.

The robber was pursued by another witness along Whip Street towards Barnard Square, where he is believed to have been picked-up by someone driving a black Ford Fiesta.

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