Should it be compulsory for schools to fly the Union Jack?

Tom Hunt is MP for Ipswich and thinks all schools should have to fly the Union Jack

Tom Hunt is MP for Ipswich and thinks all schools should have to fly the Union Jack - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

An Ipswich MP has called for the flying of the Union Jack to be compulsory in all schools.

Tom Hunt retweeted a news story about the head of a Westminster school who has said they will no longer fly the British flag, after pupils and staff protested a "racist" school uniform policy.

The MP for Ipswich said: "The flying of the Union flag should be compulsory for all schools. If any pupils and teachers have concerns about this then surely they can be 'educated' about what the flag actually represents.

"The flag of United Kingdom belongs to every single British person."

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The statement received more than 7,000 responses on Twitter since being published on Good Friday.

Many people said they disagreed that flying the flag should "compulsory", while others questioned why Mr Hunt had said people should be "educated" about what the flag represents.

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However, some commenters backed the Conservative, with one saying: "It absolutely should be compulsory at every school. This is an important issue, and the government should make sure this happens."

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