Traffic fears voiced over SnOasis

SNOASIS today vowed to revisit the issue of traffic movements in Sproughton after concerns were expressed about the impact of the £320million winter sports resort.

SNOASIS today vowed to revisit the issue of traffic movements in Sproughton after concerns were expressed about the impact of the £320million winter sports resort.

A public meeting held in the village last night was attended by more than 120 people.

It heard developers Onslow Suffolk Ltd present its plans for Great Blakenham's former cement works site and outline its investigations into the traffic issue.

But Simon Curl, chairman of Sproughton Parish Council, questioned how much of these had focused on their village.

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He said: "We're being presented with something that's all singing and dancing but I think there will be distinct disadvantages to the communities next door.

"The parish council will be putting its view to the district council that this transport assessment does not assess the impact on Sproughton.

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"There were a lot of figures banded about last night that we'd never seen before. But we think it will lead to a 16 to 18 per cent increase in traffic through our village."

Mr Curl said a major concern was the possibility of introducing a right-turn on to the B1113, coming out of Bramford Road, Great Blakenham.

He said: "We think this would add between 500 and 600 vehicles a day without SnOasis, so it'd be worse if it was built.

"It's not unusual to find cars queued to get through the village but that's created by the amount of traffic and the number of parked cars."

Godfrey Spanner, managing director of Onslow Suffolk Ltd, said a number of issues would be re-examined following last night's meeting, including the proposed changes to B1113.

He said: "It's not important to our solution that we have that turn so we're going to look at that again.

"I've undertaken to have a method statement prepared for the construction traffic which would prohibit any vehicles coming through Sproughton. That would be a public document and we'd enforce it.

"I've also promised we'll readdress the traffic issue as far as Sproughton is concerned. We'll do another exercise just for Sproughton.

"The people of Sproughton admit over the last 20 years their traffic has grown to a point where they just can't cope with it. The problem exists. Obviously we'll add to that but we're trying to add to it as little as possible."

Mr Spanner added: "I've made it quite clear we believe that we've got the solution to the traffic, but if there's a solution we've missed we'll embrace it.

"The Eden Project has far worse infrastructure and they've got more traffic than we would have.

"I do understand the parish people of Sproughton don't think we've paid enough attention to just their village and, whether we have or have not, we're going to go back."

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