Anger at parking fines for butcher, barber and carpet fitter shoppers

George Debenham of the butcher's shop in Cliff Lane  

George Debenham of the butcher's shop in Cliff Lane is furious by the new parking bay notices and continuous roadworks in the area. - Credit: Archant

Traders in Ipswich say roadworks are "causing havoc" as they hit out at the lack of information which has seen customers hit by parking fines. 

Businesses along Cliff Lane say they learned of the temporary measures on Monday which include the temporary suspension of parking bays and temporary traffic lights. 

The borough council put up the signs in Cliff Lane this week detailing broadband works being carried out by City Fibre until September 17.

George Debman of butchers G Debman has been out warning customers not to park in the bays so they do not get fined as he believes the signs are not so clear for people to see. 

The Ipswich Star saw him warning several customers, who did not see the signs, in the space of 10 minutes. 

Cliff Lane, Ipswich. Picture: Sarah Lucy Brown

Lots of cars still parking at the bays in Cliff Lane in Ipswich. - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

Mr Debman said: "We were only informed on Monday morning and that was only when I came out and they were about to stick a ticket on my van. 

"We haven't been informed as businesses. 

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"Ticket inspectors have been turning up [ticketing] in an instance. What really upsets me as a business is we have not been informed, over the last 18 months there have been the issue of Covid.

"And [now we have] roadworks going on."

Cliff Lane, Ipswich. Picture: Sarah Lucy Brown

The parking notice in Cliff Lane, Ipswich. - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

"We've got good trade," he added but said some shops are "struggling". 

"I really am upset about it," he said. "People who can't park just go away.

"It's the same with parades all over the town. They just turn up and there you go."

George Debenham of butchers G Debenham

George Debenham of butchers G Debenham - Credit: Archant

He added that one of his deliveries has also been turned away that came from Braintree, a cost to his business. 

"They want small businesses to flourish and be successful. We're quite lucky with all shops being used. 

"It seems like the county council is trying to shut us down. That's what it seems to me."

A borough council spokesman said the signs are "considerably larger" than standard signs that display parking restrictions.

The spokesman said: "Motorists should always check the signs that advertise the parking restrictions, even if they are familiar with the area, in case changes have occurred."

Daren Wayland, owner of the Coffee Barber in Cliff Lane

Daren Wayland, owner of the Coffee Barber in Cliff Lane - Credit: Archant

The Coffee Barber in Cliff Lane, a door down from the butchers, has similarly been affected by the new measure. 

Daren Wayland, owner, said: "Tickets willy nilly. It's not very obvious. 

"There are two signs, another they haven't been bothered to put tickets on. 

"I think it's disgusting. We're trying to run our business, customers need to park. 

Cliff Lane, Ipswich. Picture: Sarah Lucy Brown

Cliff Lane, Ipswich. - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

"Our coffee shop hasn't had anyone come in this morning. 

"It feels like it's set against us to succeed. 

"What's it all about? I don't know.

He said he's "booked all the time" but the coffee shop since they have reopened. 

"It's not up to speed," he added. "Habits have been broken.

"We made it through with the help of the grants. They've just been unbelievable.

"I'm fortunate [at the barbers] to have a large customer base."

Cliff Lane Flooring owner David Smith. 

Cliff Lane Flooring owner David Smith. - Credit: Archant

Cliff Lane Flooring, also hit by the bays, has not had anyone in on Monday, according to owner David Smith as customers were worried about being ticketed.

He said: "It's causing a little bit of havoc.

"Totally unorganised and the signs were then up. It's annoying.  

"We don't know what it's for, no letters through about it and only signs up.

"You don't have to be there a time, you'll be ticketed. 

"There are no parking spaces around and the older people have nowhere to park."

Businesses say customers have been allowed to park in the nearby pub car park by the owner, but this was not a solution, said Mr Debman.

Margaret Catchpole Inn

Margaret Catchpole Inn has people parking after the bays were shut. - Credit: Archant

Suffolk county councillor for Gainsborough ward Liz Harsant said there has not had good communication on roadworks in the area. 

"All around the Holywells ward has been pretty poor," she added. 

A spokeswoman for Suffolk County Council said: "It is the responsibility of the utility company to notify those affected. We will contact the utility company to check that this was carried out."

Charles Kitchin, CityFibre’s city manager for Ipswich, said: "We are sorry to learn about the issue raised by local residents and the inconvenience this has caused.

"We always endeavour to minimise any disruption and complete all works as quickly as possible. We can assure residents that we endeavour to inform the community well ahead of work starting, which includes advance notice letters and speaking directly to individuals.  

"If it’s safe to do so, our contractors are also happy to move barriers when requested by businesses and residents. We are grateful for the continued support we’ve received from the local community and ask that they continue to bear with us while we work to future-proof Ipswich’s digital infrastructure."