Part-time season tickets on the way - but no prices known yet

Greater Anglia train at Colchester

Part time season tickets are on the way - but there is no word yet on their likely costs! - Credit: Nick Srugnell/Greater Anglia

Thousands of rail commuters are waiting to hear what the new "part-time" season tickets that are being promised from the end of next month could mean for them.

The new tickets will offer eight days of travel on a particular route in 28 days - aimed at people who commute to an office twice a week.

Currently the only season tickets available can be used every day - and are the most economical way to travel by train at peak time for those who work more than two days a week.

But buying two tickets a week can be as expensive as a full season ticket on some routes.

The new part-time season tickets were announced by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps when the shake-up of the network was revealed last week - but there has not yet been any indication of their cost.

Some rail companies, including Greater Anglia, did introduce "carnet" tickets in 2019 which offered passengers books of tickets that they could use over a period - but that offered only marginal savings over full season tickets for those who travelled regularly.

The new part-time season tickets are expected to cost considerably less than current tickets, and will only be valid for standard-class journeys, but their actual cost will not be announced until next month.

That will be set by the Department for Transport and the Rail Delivery Group - not the individual operating companies like Greater Anglia whose role in the railways is being radically changed over the next few months.

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The new tickets will go on sale from June 21 and can be first used from June 28. What is known is that they can be used on any of the 28 days of the month - so a passenger could use five journeys in their first week and one each in the next three weeks. Or they could use them for two different days every week during the month.

But other conditions will only become clear when full details and prices of the tickets are published.

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