Roadworks at A14 junction near Ipswich to go on until summer

The two teardrop roundabouts on the A137 and A14 link at Wherstead, near Ipswich

The two teardrop roundabouts on the A137 and A14 link at Wherstead, near Ipswich - Credit: Google

Roadworks on the A137 at Wherstead close to the A14 junction are set to finish in August or September this year, it has been confirmed.

Work started last month on the A14 onslip and offslip roads at Junction 56 for Wherstead, as well as on the A137 itself.

The £6million work is to reconfigure the road and two teardrop-shaped roundabouts, and create an entrance as part of the development of the new industrial park off the A137 and Bobbits Lane.

Some closures have already taken place on the onslip and offslip, and another may be required between 8pm on Friday and 6am on Saturday this weekend on the exit slip eastbound, National Highways said. That is due to be decided later this week.

But no more are planned until near the end of the project when road surfacing will be needed.

Danaher & Walsh, the civil engineering contractors carrying out the roadworks on behalf of developer Pigeon Investment Management Ltd, said the work is due to finish at the end of August or September.

David Lavery, operations director with the firm, said the two teardrop-shaped roundabouts will become “conventional roundabouts”.

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He said: “It’s about slowing them down to make it safer for people, and then there will be the industrial development.”

Mr Lavery confirmed the plan was to do work with temporary speed limits and in some periods lane closures with signals may be needed, but no full closures are planned for the majority of the works.

He added: “We’ll probably have some road closure for the final stages but if we can do stuff at night or offline we will do.”

A temporary speed limit of 30mph is currently in place for the area for safety reasons.

Planning permission for the new industrial park was granted in August last year, with developers saying they expect 300 jobs to be created across the four warehouses.

Wine merchants Lay and Wheeler were the first tenants confirmed.