Travellers occupy Grange Farm, Kesgrave for almost two weeks

Travellers reportedly arrived in Grange Farm, Kesgrave on June 15.

Travellers reportedly arrived in Grange Farm, Kesgrave on June 15. - Credit: Archant

Around 10 caravans and 20 vehicles have been spotted in Grange Farm, Kesgrave.

Travellers have been on the site since last Monday, with more moving onto the green space in the last couple of days.

A Suffolk police spokesman said the travellers had been served a notice to leave by 2pm tomorrow.

Landowners Suffolk Coastal District Council are working with the police and Suffolk County Council to move the travellers on.

Suffolk Coastal said the travellers had originally set up camp on the land near Cardew Crescent because two members of the group needed hospital treatment.

A council spokesman said: “Our staff, together with colleagues from Suffolk County Council, carried out a welfare check at the site, as they are required to do by law before any action can be taken.

“This joint welfare check revealed two members of the group, a man and a woman, were receiving essential medical treatment at hospital.

“As such, the travellers were not in a position to vacate the site and move on and, legally, Suffolk Coastal was not in a position to launch eviction procedures at that stage.

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“However, the situation is that the council understands the travellers have now been released from hospital.”

The notices served on Friday afternoon require the travellers to leave the land within 48 hours.

The spokesman said: “Failure to do so is a criminal offence and Suffolk Coastal would go to court to obtain a court order for eviction. “Although we recognise this is not an ideal situation, our staff have been working with the travellers, as well as our partners at Suffolk County Council and the police, to resolve the matter as quickly as legally possible in difficult circumstances.

“If we do not follow this process fully, any necessarily legal action in the future could be rendered null and void.”