Travellers on old A12 bypass in Martlesham to remain until January

Travellers are staying in a layby in Martlesham.

Travellers are staying in a layby in Martlesham. - Credit: Archant

Local authorities in Suffolk have said they do not currently have any plans to move on a group of travellers which arrived in Martlesham more than three weeks ago.

A group of three caravans, believed to be one family, stopped on an asphalt area on the corner of Top Street on the old A12 bypass in Martlesham on November 6, but three-and-a-half weeks later the group remains at the site.

The land, owned by Suffolk County Council, is not currently in use, and county council welfare officers said they were working alongside both Suffolk Coastal District Council and the police over the matter.

But a Suffolk County Council spokeswoman yesterday confirmed there were no plans to move the group into a designated site until January, provided the group adhered to conditions in place.

A joint statement from the two councils said: “A case conference was held yesterday, November 29, regarding the encampment at the land at the corner of Top Street, Martlesham with the county’s liaison officers acting as the lead authority for this case.

“Currently there are three caravans and four vehicles at the site.

“The travellers have been told that if the conditions were breached then the situation would be reviewed by the lead authority.

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“A review meeting has been set for Wednesday 4 January 2017.”

As part of the toleration conditions for the site, the group is required to use wheelie bins provided and maintain a clean site, and stipulated that no more caravans could join.

At the review meeting in January, a further decision will be made on the site and occupants.

A Suffolk police spokesman said the force had been made aware of the travellers and was working alongside the county council, but had not received any complaints or been made aware of any issues around the encampment.