Tricky teen prepares for magic contest

TEENAGER David Johnson has more than a few tricks up his sleeve as he prepares to take on Britain's best young magicians.

TEENAGER David Johnson has more than a few tricks up his sleeve as he prepares to take on Britain's best young magicians.

The 15-year-old magician from Felixstowe will have 12 minutes to show his very best magic - and is practising solidly for the big event.

David, a student at Deben High School, will be one of the youngest taking part in the heats for the final of the Young Magician of the Year competition in London on April 15 with the top six going on to the final in July.

“I am really looking forward to it but I have been told there are some fantastic young magicians taking part,” said David, of Fleetwood Avenue, Felixstowe.

“It would be great to get through to the finals, but I know it will be an amazing experience just to be there and take part and to see all the other entrants and learn such a lot from the day.”

David, who has two older sisters and a brother, pleaded with his mum and dad Carol and Mike Johnson to let him have a magician for his fifth birthday party - and after Colin Hopper's performance he was hooked on magic.

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He said: “I taught myself really, learning gradually from a few books and videos, and some tricks I was bought - practising for hours and hours to get it absolutely right.”

When he was 14, magician Ally Riley suggested he join the Ipswich Magical Society, and in the past year he has come on leaps and bounds.

David said: “After all these years finding it hard to find anyone interested in magic, suddenly I am surrounded by people who all share my interest - I thought, 'why didn't I know this before?'

“It has really opened doors for me. I have learned so much in the past year - about ten years' progress in one year.”

David, a stage magician who does cabaret and has performed in front of hundreds of people and also some close-up work, is also a keen carpenter and makes a lot of his own props.

He hopes to make a career in entertainment and would love to work in Spain at the Magic Castle.

David is available for bookings - for further information pop into Play and Exchange in Great Eastern Square, Hamilton Road, Felixstowe, or ring 01394 272021.

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Did you know?

The Ipswich Magical Society was formed in 1928.

The society's motto is Veritas Mutatis Mutandis, which translates to Truth with Variations.


Magic dates back as far as the ancient Egyptian civilization.

However, the respectable profession of the illusionist gained strength during the eighteenth century, and has enjoyed several popular vogues.

Successful magicians have become some of the most famous celebrities in popular entertainment.

Possibly the greatest celebrity magician of all time was Harry Houdini who developed a range of stage presentations, much of it based on escapology.

Source: The Magic Circle

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