UK: Furious vendor cuts estate agent’s phone lines and computer cables

A VENDOR stormed into an estate agency and disabled its phones and computers after delays in exchanging contracts.

Frustrated seller John Lan, 67, cut through dozens of phone lines and computer cables as stunned staff at Freeman Forman, a Countrywide agent in Tonbridge, Kent, watched their computer screens go blank.

Lan said he was “at the end of his tether” after a five-month wait to exchange.

He said: “I’d just got to the stage I didn’t care any more. I couldn’t take any more delays – the telephone and computer cables were hanging from the front of their desks so I cut them all.”

He said he had tried to lodge a complaint against Freeman Forman, but was told he had to go through the “normal channels”.

Lan, former casino manager of the Clermont Club in London’s Mayfair, said: “The complaints procedure is so long-winded and complicated. You have to contact three separate people and I’d had enough.

“I told them I refused to do it. Cutting the cables was my complaint. They can sort out their phone lines now.”

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Police called to the scene arrested Lan and gave him an �80 on-the-spot fine for disorder.

A spokesperson for Freeman Forman said: “The actions of this individual were completely unacceptable and very distressing for our staff.

“The client’s property sale is part of a chain involving several other parties. This has prolonged the sales process. The sale of the property is due to complete within the next few weeks.”