Video: Call for action after road floods again

RESIDENTS are today demanding something is done after their street flooded again due to heavy rains.

RESIDENTS are today demanding something is done after their street flooded again due to heavy rains.

Every time there is a heavy downpour, residents in Bridgwater Road say the road becomes “like a river” but they feel not enough is being done by Ipswich Borough Council and Anglian Water to prevent this.

On Monday night a storm swept across the region, bringing with it torrential rain, thunder and lightning. Several streets were flooded in the town, including Ancaster Road, Ellenbrook Road, and London Road.

A resident in Bridgwater Road, Andrew Cottrell, said: “The flooding just keeps happening. We moved here from Essex about three years ago and did not know anything about the area. We are fuming that no one told us that this road flooded so much.

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“On Monday night we had six inches of rain. I don't think the drains are big enough to cope when there is a lot of water.

“The other residents said they have been trying to get something done for years. It floods really quickly and then seems to disappear quickly.”

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A spokeswoman for Anglian Water said the rainfall was high intensity but was localised and she said the firm was not aware of any problems with its network.

She said: “We carried out flow monitoring two years ago and there was nothing we were aware of in terms of any shortfall in the functioning of our network.”

An Ipswich Borough Council spokesman said: “We are aware of drainage problems in the area and have been working with Anglian Water to investigate the course. Any residents experiencing problems should contact our drainage team on 01473 432852.”

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