Video: Ed Sheeran tops YouTube charts with new single

He may have missed out on the number one spot at the weekend, but singer songwriter Ed Sheeran is tearing up the charts of YouTube.

The video for the 20-year-old’s latest single “You need me, I don’t need you” is currently the most-viewed film on the popular website.

And if the Framlingham native is feeling any disappointment about getting to number three instead of one at the weekend, this is sure to ease the pain.

His debut single as a major label artist, The A Team, was beaten into third place behind Example with Changed the Way You Kiss Me, and Calvin Harris, who went in at number two with Bounce.

Ed, whose music mixes folk and acoustic with hip-hop, signed a six-album deal with Atlantic Records at the start of the year after building up a reputation on the UK live circuit and releasing five self-funded EPs, the last of which got to No. 2 in the iTunes charts.