Video: Historic pool footage dives into past

IPSWICH: To Edwin Mason, Broomhill pool stirs memories of glorious days spent basking in the sun and diving from the high board.

IPSWICH: To Edwin Mason, Broomhill pool stirs memories of glorious days spent basking in the sun and diving from the high board.

And now those recollections are available for everyone to enjoy after clips shot by his brother Jack at the lido in 1947 were uploaded to website You Tube.

The rare 8mm footage, which has had more than 450 viewings since being uploaded to the site, shows the pool in its former glory with a grandstand full of spectators.

The clip features an exhibition of professional high diving with a Tarzan look-alike called Johnny Weissmuller and Betty Slade who became European Champion at the 1938 games in London.

Mr Mason, 82, moved to Broadmere Road in Ipswich after the outbreak of war and would visit the pool every summer regardless of the weather.

He said: “My family moved to Suffolk from Egypt and it was so great to have a pool as good as Broomhill just around the corner.

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“It became like a second home to me, I would go for a swim when it was sunny and when it rained - I couldn't keep away.

“If they ever get the pool back to working condition I'd definitely be heading back to the deep end and diving straight in - regardless of my age.”

In its heyday Broomhill pool was one of Ipswich's prime tourist attractions, with thousands of people visiting every year.

But in 2002 the facility was closed down by Ipswich Borough Council after it was deemed unsafe and too expensive to restore.

Mark Ling, fundraising and publicity officer for the Broomhill Pool Trust, said: “The campaign to reopen the pool has reached a really crucial stage and the video footage showing how amazing the pool was in its glory days has come along at just the right time.

“Ipswich Borough Council is currently seeking operators wishing to redevelop the site - so we believe that Broomhill will have a future.”

Campaigners believe that the site could be reopened as a solar power pool meaning that it would remain as one of 12 Grade II listed lidos in the country.

Fore more information about the Broomhill Pool Trust visit To see the clip visit

Should Broomhill be saved? Write to Your Letters, Evening Star, 30 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich, IP4 1AN or e-mail

Save Broomhill Pool Campaign:

2002 - Broomhill pool was closed by Ipswich Borough Council. It was deemed unsafe to open and too expensive to restore.

2003 - The trust raised an 18,000-signature petition and fielded a “Save Broomhill Pool” candidate in the 2003 Local Elections.

2007 - Ipswich Borough Council's executive committee approved �1million towards the full �3m needed to restore the site. The trust raised a further �4,000 to pay consultants to complete a �1.98m bid application to its core funding target - the Heritage Lottery Fund.

2008 - The trust submitted a bid for �2m to the Heritage Lottery Fund.

2009 - Ipswich Borough Council has taken out 'expression of interest' advertisements and is seeking operators wishing to redevelop or refurbish the site.