Video: Man dives from helicopter to catch massive marlin

FISHERMEN across the world dream of incredible ways to catch their prey.

In Suffolk, some anglers camp by lakes, or on shorelines, sometimes through the night, to catch whopping carp, or cod.

In faraway places, women and men spend whole holidays dreaming of the perfect catch – sharks, marlin and other huge varieties being the target.

I’ve even seen a daredevil TV presenter catching a giant catfish with his arm, waggling it under a tree trunk until the mighty specimen struck – and then eating it, raw, on the spot.

But here’s the best fishing catch I have ever seen.

Many people will know that the exquisite white sea-bird know as the gannet catches its prey by soaring in to the sky – and plunging, like an arrow, into the fish-rich waters below.

The winged one enters the water at such a speed that it can dart into a ball of fish and gain a welcome beak full.

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So, guess what, a New Zealand TV company recorded a clip called Gannet Man - when they targeted a giant fish from the air.

They used a helicopter to locate a shoal of fish – and then saw a marlin trailing the throng.

Daredevil presenter Matt Watson then dived into the water from 30 feet – and swooped on the mighty fish, catching it unawares and holding it for a few seconds before it darted back to the deep.

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