Video: Strange lights above famous UFO spot

MORE strange lights have been spotted over Suffolk - this time not far from the county's most famous UFO incident.

MORE strange lights have been spotted over Suffolk - this time not far from the county's most famous UFO incident.

The fast-moving silent light was seen to move in a pattern over Rendlesham Forest before suddenly disappearing.

UFO-logists claim the forest is still regularly visited by alien craft and is a portal to the stars, a sort of gateway by which spaceships can easily arrive and depart, and there have been many sightings in the area.

Supermarket delivery driver Justin Watson, of Ipswich, saw the latest unexplained light last week as he was travelling through the forest after making a delivery in Butley.

“As I was driving I looked into the sky to see a very bright light, what I thought was a star or very bright star/planet similar to Venus - however, I quickly noticed it was moving, at a medium speed across the sky,” he said.

“There were no flashing lights around it and so, rather interested, I stopped on the verge and got out of my van to see if it was making a noise.

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“I couldn't hear anything - even above the noise of the van running.”

Mr Watson, a UFO enthusiast, thought the light could possibly be a helicopter but felt in the quiet of the forest he would have been able to have heard its engine.

“It was moving quite rapidly however seemed to change its course very slightly every few seconds, almost symmetrically,” he said.

“I tried to follow it but I couldn't see it again after I moved off.”

He said friends had seen a filmed what was thought to be a UFO over a music festival at Martlesham Heath last year - a video has been put on the You Tube web site - and also a fast-moving bright light above Norwich Road, Ipswich.

It was in 1980 that an alien spaceship was said to have landed close to the Woodbridge air base, an incident which sparked an investigation by the American air force and is also in Ministry of Defence records.

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Click here to watch the video (contains swearing)Click here to watch the video (contains swearing)

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