Vox Pop: Your reaction to the negative BBC footage of Ipswich

Derelict buildings on the Waterfront

Derelict buildings on the Waterfront

FOLLOWING the controversy over the BBC’s portrayal of Ipswich this week, we asked our Facebook fans what we should celebrate about our town.

Rubbish in Ipswich

Rubbish in Ipswich - Credit: Archant

Jamie Verso Versey said: “I’m sorry but the town is a dump. Two or three nice things like the Waterfront only papers over the cracks. Ipswich, along with many towns and cities in the UK, is a mess.”

Amy Soapbox, linking to Switch Fringe Festival, said we should celebrate events like this. She said: “This incredible 16-day music and arts festival in Ipswich, community led and non-profit, we were even mentioned in The New York Times last year!”

Tony Robinson added: “I was also led to believe that Colchester was the oldest town – however, it is almost irrelevant as nearly all of “old” Ipswich no longer exists!”

While Jonathan Williamson said: “From the previous comments it seems like most of the positives run along the lines of “it’s not as bad as some other places” and whilst that may be true, it’s hardly a glowing recommendation!”

Lois Mickleburgh said: “Ipswich IS England’s oldest continuously settled town. Stop being so down on Ipswich. There are worse places to live. All you haters should try and do something positive for the town instead of running it down.”

And Daniel Ling added: “Ipswich is as fun as you make it. IBC are spending money improving the towns traffic problems. What’s the point of spending money on projects to bring people into the town when they will just get caught in traffic.”