Walton/Ipswich: Brave Jasmine returns to school following surgery to repair her dislocated hips

A brave young girl who spent all summer in hospital to repair two dislocated hips has returned to school and is now on the road to recovery.

Jasmine Fox, 10, was born with two dislocated hips, due to a condition called hip dysplasia, which has resulted in her being unable to walk unaided.

But today, following months of surgery, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy, Jasmine is taking her first steps on the road to recovery as she restarts her studies at Rushmere Hall Primary School.

Jasmine recovered from her operation while staying at her dad’s home in Walton and is now back with her mum in Ipswich.

Her father Patrick Peevers, 39, said while he was sad to see Jasmine leave, he is delighted that she is back in school.

He said: “She’s an amazing little girl.

“She’s going to school as much as possible and all her friends have helped her out at school. She’s thoroughly enjoying being back. I think she’d rather be there than off all the time.

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“I’m so proud to be able to call myself her father, I’m chuffed to bits that she’s back at school. She’s doing so well.”

Jasmine spent the summer in hospital in Norwich having her hips repaired and she has since undergone physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. Doctors have given her a 50/50 chance of being able to walk unaided in a year’s time.

She did not return to school with her friends in September as she recovered from the operation but in the past month Jasmine’s dad and her mum, Georgia Fox, believe she has made a dramatic improvement.

Patrick and Georgia said they were hopeful that in a year’s time she will be able to throw away the wheelchair that she has used her whole life.

Georgia said: “It’s all going really well, she’s started to walk without her crutches. It’s brilliant because obviously when she had her operation she was in a cast and it was quite tearful. I thought, have I done the right thing? but seeing her progress it was all worth it.”

Patrick added: “Her legs are getting closer together and she’s walking on the balls of her feet. She’s so much better.”

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