Walton: Lightning strike family can’t wait to move back home

A family whose house was destroyed by a lightning strike are today eagerly awaiting their return home.

Paul and Natalie Rogers’ home in Alexandra Road, Walton, was severely damaged after a lightning strike on June 28, which destroyed the inside of the house and caused the roof to cave in.

Paul, 47, and Natalie, 38, were not home when the disaster struck and their 13-year-old son Toby was at school at the time.

They moved into rented accommodation in Westleton Way soon after the strike and, with building work on their home now well under way, they hope to be back home by Easter.

Paul said: “We are all looking forward to moving back and having a fresh start.

“It’s all right living in rented accommodation but there is nothing like being in your own home.

“This will be a totally fresh start and everything we wanted done is being done .

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“We have been there for 16 years and any little quirks are getting sorted.

“I can’t wait to move home and Rust and Kemp (who are working on the house) have done a great job.”

Nearly all their possessions were destroyed in the lightning strike, but the family were inundated with support from family and friends who donated furniture to help them get back on their feet.

Natalie’s mum, Ann Kidd, put the family up for a week while they prepared to move into their rented accommodation and also gave them bits and pieces of furniture.

She said: “They’re getting excited about moving back in now.

“Everybody I speak to now asks how they are getting on.”