Warning after Christmas burglaries

RESIDENTS were today being reminded to secure their homes over the festive period after Christmas presents were stolen from two homes in Ipswich this week.

RESIDENTS were today being reminded to ensure their homes are secure over the festive period after Christmas presents were stolen from two homes in Ipswich this week.

Crime reduction and community safety sergeant Neil Boast said: “It may sound harsh but we would suggest people do not leave presents - especially expensive presents - under the tree where they can be seen from a window.

“Every year we hear saddening reports of families who have had their presents stolen. The harder you make it for thieves and the less opportunities you give them, the safer you will be.”

The warnings come in the wake of two burglaries in Ipswich this week - one in Woodbridge Road and one in Kirby Street, where the houses were broken into and wrapped Christmas presents were stolen from inside.

As well as keeping presents out of sight, the wrappers and boxes from expensive items should be hidden from view when they are put out to the dustmen.

Sgt Boast said: “Try not to leave these boxes next to your dustbin or in your garden. The boxes often indicate the contents of the house and may attract thieves looking for potential victims.

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“Break them down and place them in your bin liner or take them to your local household waste site yourself.”

Police also reminded people to lock their doors and windows even if they are in the house and keep wallets, mobile phones and car keys in drawers and not left on worktops on view through the window.

Those seeing a crime being committed or anyone acting suspiciously should dial 999 immediately.

Residents can help police by getting a good description of the person and by noting down the registration number of any suspicious vehicles.

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